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If I do my part in forgiving the illusion, does it transfer to others who are suffering?

If I am part of the Sonship, and do my part by accepting forgiveness of all the illusions I am immersed in, is pain and suffering alleviated from that part of the Sonship who is experiencing tormented experiences? And conversely, is my joy in experiencing the Universal Christ Consciousness transferred to him as well, in spite of his apparent suffering? Can I accept the Holy Spirit's call on his behalf?

Your question is the same as: "How many teachers of God will it take to save the world?" Remember the Answer given in ACIM Manual for Teachers: One.

"When I am healed I am not healed alone."

Acceptance of the Atonement (or the forgiveness of illusion), which is the sole responsibility of a teacher of God, heals the misperception of "pain and suffering" entirely. The Joy of Christ is ALL that is ever extended, and what seemed to be projected from error was but a dream that never happened. Revelation is an experience of direct Union with God, of Divine Mind Being Singular, and this transcends all personal or interpersonal concepts, including transfer. In the Holy Instant it is apparent that Oneness is the Fact and there is literally no "other" or "part" to transfer Joy to. Happily and Absolutely in Oneness there is no illusion of apparent suffering. God's Will is Perfect Happiness.

You asked if you can answer the Holy Spirit's call on another’s behalf. In recognition of the Self as the One, there is literally nothing for either of you to do. Atonement can be summed up like this: The truth is true and only the truth is true. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.

Forgiveness is a done deal. The past is gone and the Light has come. What seemed to be the future was the past as well, and thus the future is gone and the Light has come. Heaven is Now as the I Am Presence. Happily there is nowhere else and nothing else.