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If reality was so perfect, how could the separation have happened?

If everything was so perfect, how could the separation have happened?

You have asked the number one question that I am asked as I travel. In the Clarification of Terms section of "A Course in Miracles," Jesus addresses this question. He says there are many questions the ego will ask: How did the separation occur? To whom did the separation occur? And many other forms. There is no answer, only an experience. There is an experience that will come that will end all doubting.

When you ask the question, "How did the separation occur,” you have an unconscious assumption or belief that the separation did occur. That is what you must question, because separation is never understandable. Atonement is the awareness that the separation never happened. That is your sole responsibility: to accept the Atonement or correction. You are not responsible for the error. You do not need to analyze or figure out the error. You just need to accept the correction. This involves not attempting to project responsibility for the ego. So, when anger arises, along with fear and guilt, and the ego says: Get rid of it, put it on your brother and sister, do not listen to that voice. See it as your own thought and quickly give it over to the Holy Spirit. Quickly! Once you have given it to the Holy Spirit, it is already gone. It is the attempt to protect it and hide it from the Holy Spirit that seems to keep it in your consciousness.