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Can you give me a recommendation for a book on how to meditate?

Do you have any recommendations for reading on meditation? Like a "how to" guide? Sometimes I feel like I am just not doing it right—the mind watching both in meditation and during the day. I try to be in the present moment, in my body. When involved in a task, do you give yourself over to it completely, with all your attention, or do you try to observe yourself doing the task?

I have a suggestion for you that will make Awakening to Now very simple and straightforward for you. Give your mind wholly to applying the "A Course In Miracles" Workbook and be open to the mind training by trying not to make exceptions in the practice. If you are mindful in your effort, this will be your last "practice" before discovering Being as God created You. You are farther along the “road to Awakening,” so to speak, than you realize. Each moment spent in Purpose quickens the seeming process beyond imagination. If you are willing to use this suggestion, you will see that any seeming "darkness" in mind will quickly come to the surface to be released. This will thus allow tasks to be done through you rather than by you, and clear the way for continuous meditation on—and in—Stillness. To observe with the Holy Spirit is to remain aware that you are dreaming.

When you recognize Who the Workbook reflects and comes from, there will no longer be a need for words or symbols, for they will simply flow if and when they are Called upon.