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I'm searching for my Calling but not hearing anything specific... can you help?

I have spent the last year in turmoil over losing my house, giving up belongings, garden and pool, lots of space to smaller space; then moving in alone. I have been searching for a calling—the path where I am to be used in the Spirit. It seems as if Spirit is holding out for something, as I am still waiting for direction. Please help.

Thanks for writing. Yes, the Holy Spirit is Calling you. Everyone is Called, though in this world few seem to listen to or answer the Call. Yet nothing of the world matters to Eternity. Peace and Happiness are a matter of decision and the willingness to decide for God. The Call can seem to get covered over with many distractions and ego pursuits, yet the Call remains. The Call, if followed, will Guide one toward the Holy Instant in which Love simply Is. Everything I share is Given freely, as assistance in answering the Call. With a little willingness, the door to the turnaround will be apparent. Make use of all that is offered. Take the baby steps of a little willingness. And above all expect miracles, for they are natural and a reflection of our Heavenly Inheritance.

Love always,