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Is Knowledge attainable prior to the "laying aside" of the body?

I've heard different views on whether Jesus attained "knowledge,” in Course terminology, previous to the perceived crucifixion. My reading of "A Course in Miracles" seems to indicate that one can attain only "right perception" (the happy dream) while in the illusion of the world. So two questions arise:

1. Is Christ Consciousness different than, or a step above, true perception?

2. Is knowledge attainable previous to the "laying aside" of the body?

Knowledge, in Course terminology, transcends the realm of perception entirely. Consciousness is the realm of perception and is described in ACIM as "the domain of the ego." Strictly speaking then, Christ consciousness is a contradiction in terms, for the Christ is the State of knowledge, and knowledge transcends the realm of perception entirely.

True perception, the happy dream, salvation, the real world, etc. are all synonymous for the forgiven world, when all judgments have been released. Perception is whole in this perspective, for it has no division. This is the perspective of the Holy Spirit. The present is before time was, or seemed to be. Therefore the words "before Abraham was, I am" and "I and the Father are One" reflect this perspective. Knowledge simply Is. There are no words or reflections in Pure Being. The cosmos and body are laid aside as a "final step" before remembering What Is, Pure Being, which is Knowledge.

To accept One Self as the Christ therefore requires forgiveness of time, history, and even Jesus, for the man was an illusion. The remembrance of knowledge is reached as all symbols are forgotten, for knowledge is creation, purely abstract, and there are no symbols in Knowledge.

I discuss the forgiveness of Jesus (the man) in the interview with Penelope (which can be found on YouTube by typing in "David Hoffmeister Penelope" in the search function) This interview is helpful in releasing ALL questions and accepting the Atonement with certainty. For that is the sole responsibility. Awakening in Christ is truly the end of all questions and doubts, for certainty of identity is to be awake.

Love & Happiness Holy One,