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Can you speak to the physical oddities (neck spasms, etc..) I'm experiencing as well as the sadness I feel about giving up the "me"?

Could you say something about my neck being in spasm for a week, during a time when many of my beliefs are being examined and seen as false? There are also other symptoms. I would like to hear what comes to you regarding letting go.

Whether the discomfort seems physical or mental, the Solution rests in acceptance. You are not responsible for the error, only for accepting the Correction. Do not project the error to the past or future and you will see you are free of it Now. You are afraid of the Present Moment Correction, believing it requires of you everything that seems to be familiar to the little "self." Yet forgiveness asks for nothing. It rests on the idea that the Truth is True Now and Forever, and sees that all concepts are false. The miracle shows that nothing real can be taken away or lost. Be glad that there is no perfect scenario, no perfect person, place or thing to turn to. Right now is always Everything and forgiveness is never circumstance dependent. Forgiveness is the concept of now, and as this concept dissolves and melts there shines Eternity in awareness.

Align with God and it will seem the dream is happy from this new Perspective. Be happy paying bills, happy taking care of the yard, happy buying groceries, happy cleaning things, happy watering plants inside, happy from the Purpose that is far beyond the "doings" of a body. When at rest in mind everything and everyone is Still. It dawns that things shared in Purpose are effortless and easy. Personal effort is not required in Beholding God's Glory. Accept Divine Ease, and there is nothing to be concerned about. You cannot lose Who You are, for God created You as Perfect and You remain so.

The Correction clearly demonstrates that Love is All there Is. Do you want the "problem" or the Answer? Love is never difficult. Love is natural to a mind that trusts. Spirit is trustworthy. You cannot mess up Who You are, so there is nothing left to doubt. Now is the only obvious choice for accepting this simple Fact.