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David, do you consciously feel God as your "Companion as you walk the world a little while" (W#124.2:4)?

Do you consciously feel God as your "Companion as you walk the world a little while" (L#124.2:4)? Would you be willing to discuss this idea?

Yes, I feel God as my constant Companion. God is my Soul Mate the world could not hide. God is the Lover I could not leave behind. God is the Provider that never ends. God is the Meaning that is ever my Friend. When images and memories have all gone by, God remains. The Intimacy that was "sought,” God already Is. Interpersonal closeness which had been attempted through bodies joining could never substitute for Intimacy in the Divine. There is a trust and openness that radiates from Companionship with God. There is an inner Joy that looks not to form for affirmation.

The strongest feeling of Companionship with God is dependency on God for everything. It is a feeling that existence is impossible without God. Because God is the Source, there are no debts or debtors. Because God is the Source, Innocence is assured. Guilt cannot be believed in any situation or circumstance for one simple reason: "God is the Source of All Being."

I rest in my Eternal Companion. I behold a forgiven world with my internal Friend. As this Answer was coming through, I received from a friend another email witness to the Companionship within that is ever-present:


your comments on one of the Idaho tapes inspired this one:

"It is impossible to seek for pleasure through the body and not find pain. . . Call pleasure pain, and it will hurt. Call pain a pleasure, and the pain behind the pleasure will be felt no more. Sin's witnesses but shift from name to name, as one steps forward and another back." (T-19.IV.B.12.)

Give up the pleasure; give up the pain. You might not believe it, but they are the same. They say you're a body and death is your goal. You're broken in pieces. You'll never be whole. They share the same purpose: attacking God's Son, The pain and the pleasure are one.

Give up the bad things. Don't search for the good. Don't do what you shouldn't. Don't do what you should. Illusions are unreal, no matter what kind. The world offers nothing to satisfy mind. All forms are unworthy of God's holy Son, the good forms and the bad forms are one.

Give up your concepts of less and of more. You cannot be wealthy; you cannot be poor. Your function is wholeness. You make God complete. No limits restrict you. You're forever free. Eternal the union of Father and Son, the rich thoughts and the poor thoughts are one.

There's no need for healing an unwounded heart, and no need for joining what can't come apart. It's all in perspective, the way that you see. Look with the Spirit at reality: You have one Creator, and He has one Son, who always and always are One.