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Do you have any specific advice on how to correct the projection of cancer on my body?

It took me way more than a year to get through the workbook, but it helped me understand a lot of things I had wondered about before I found ACIM. The part where it says “I need do nothing” seems hard to put faith in, because the workbook is telling me I need to do something like forgive. I am thinking this means that I need do nothing to be what I really am, as God created me. The forgiveness part seems to mean something different than what I thought forgiveness was.

I was diagnosed with cancer in 1999 and was told the condition was terminal. The time has now passed when my body should no longer be "alive." I know “The I” cannot die. I think there is a problem or "error" my mind that is reflecting or "projecting" on my body that caused the cancer. I try to keep an open mind but obviously I am investing in illusions still. My body is a projection of my mind, I think. Do you have any specific advice on what I could do to correct this error/projection/ illusion? I am much less concerned about my body than I am about healing my mind.

You are, and forever remain, as God created You. The cancer is a symptom, a wrong-minded decision, designed to distract from acceptance of the Atonement. Atonement heals the mind which believed in private minds with private thoughts, and thus the Atonement is the ego's dread. For the Atonement is the Correction that proves the impossibility of error or ego. Healing is the experience of a mind which has surrendered the belief that it is possible to think apart from God.

The human condition is the grievance. The Atonement is its Solution. Since the belief in separation is a faulty perception, its Correction is a completely different Perspective for looking upon the cosmos. See nothing as apart from mind and the grievance has vanished. See wholeness, and the grievance of "parts" is gone.

The ego is terrified of wholeness, yet happily, You are not and could never be the ego. The ego seemed to make up a cosmos of "problems" to protect the "lie of self" from being uncovered. Yet it is literally impossible to be anything other than the Self God created Perfect and Whole and Eternal. The valuelessness of the body is becoming more apparent in your awareness. Let your mind rest in the Silence of "I Need Do Nothing" and bathe in our Perfection. Include all seeming aspects of perception in your rest, and allow all irritations and annoyances to rise into consciousness. Our peace of mind is the only experience to value now. Let it in, for it is now time. Recognition will dawn as you rest in God.

Showerings of Love be upon You always,