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How could it be that someone gets cancer who's so in touch with the Holy Spirit?

I read the online version of the book "The Peace Of God Is My One Goal." I was surprised to learn that Barbara Varley developed cancer. How is it that a person that seemed to be so in touch with the Holy Spirit could develop such a thing? I am also an ACIM student and have been diagnosed with terminal cancer so I am interested in learning how this could be. I would think that Barbara, being so much in touch with the Holy Spirit, would be able to correct the wrong-mindedness and thereby remove the cancer. Having cancer is the result of wrong-mindedness, isn't it? I quit all conventional medical advice and treatment in January 2000 because I believe sickness in the body is of the mind. The docs helped confirm this by telling me that the body would expire no matter what I did. I really need to understand this if possible.

Thanks for writing and thanks for your willingness to accept healing. This response will be very deep, yet if you ask the Holy Spirit for Help in interpretation He will lead you toward the inevitable Atonement which is ever available. It is not so much "having cancer is the result of wrong-mindedness" but perceiving cancer is a wrong-minded perception. Wrong-mindedness is the error (in mind) yet it "sees" the "problem" in form as a projection of the error. The error is the belief in separation, never the specifics the error seems to spawn. The Holy Spirit sees the impossibility of the "cause" in mind and looks not to effects. Forgiveness is accepted as the solution in mind when the problem (belief in separation) is brought to the solution Atonement. The form the error seems to take, i.e., cancer, is a wrong-minded attempt to see the error where the error is not.

Wrong-mindedness sees persons with symptoms, while right-mindedness sees the impossibility of "persons" with private minds and private thoughts. The symptoms are chosen to make the "cause of sickness" seem form related and are part of a defense mechanism to "protect" the belief in private minds and private thoughts. The Holy Spirit overlooks the false "cause,” looking past the defiled altar to the Light of the Atonement. It is literally impossible to "understand" or "figure out" the concept of a "sickness of body" for only the mind can be sick. The body is literally neutral and cannot be endowed with the attributes of the ego or the Spirit. The body, therefore, cannot be sick or well, for it is literally a symbol of the impossible, i.e., that a mind can be walled off and kept apart. This is why it is not meaningful to ask the Holy Spirit to heal the body. It is however possible to ask for a different perception of the body/world/cosmos for such is healing.

The request becomes, "Help me see this differently" instead of "How could this be?" A miracle always comes with a feeling of peace and joy because of the Perspective Which simply sees the false as false. Forgiveness does not evaluate the error it was made to overlook. For error literally cannot BE understood–only forgiven.

Ask not to understand anything of the world, for the world was made to deny the Meaning and Understanding of Spirit. Yet release the need to understand the meaningless, and you recognize our Beloved Self as the Meaning the world could not conceal! Christ and sickness cannot co-exist, for Love has no opposite. Reel the error "in" so to speak and watch it dissolve in the Light. There is nothing apart from mind and in Truth nothing "outside" of Mind. Divine Mind is Everything, You within It, and It within You. There is nothing else, anywhere or ever.

It is impossible to "manifest" an illness for the same reason it is impossible to "manifest" anything. Ideas leave not their source and "sickness" and the ego are the same error. When it is apparent that the ego has no real source it is also apparent that sickness is impossible. If sickness (belief in separation) does not come from God (Source) it therefore cannot be at all. This is the Divine Reason of Atonement and it is the awareness that mind is whole and has no "parts." Sickness was an insane attempt to divide the whole, yet this attempt is impossible. What God creates as One remains forever One.

Love & Blessings forever and ever,