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Is the Course compatible with Christian Science?

I was interested in the Course many years ago, but drifted away. Since then I have become a devout Christian Scientist. It seems the 2 are in many ways similar, and I feel that studying the Course might make me a better Christian Scientist. Do you have any thoughts on this?

The Holy Spirit is Guiding you to an experience. Let the Holy Spirit within Guide your approach to this experience. Christian Science and ACIM are reflections of the same Divine Principle, inspired by the same Source. Let your goal be forgiveness, Awakening to God's Love, and trust that the seeming tools and symbols of the moment are the Holy Spirit's gifts to you to use as Guided. Form will always seem to vary until Atonement is accepted, for Atonement is the Content that shows the meaninglessness of the concept of "different forms." Illusions are one, and therefore the same. Books and paths seem to be separate forms until the goal they point to is recognized. Let the Holy Spirit lead you to the happy realization that there are not "two" to compare.

In Peace,