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Does the body need care or protection?

You said something like, “When you really put your faith in God, you don't have to worry about making a living, health insurance, exercise, nutrition, etc.” (Didn't you also make a reference to having some debt at one time?) I thought God sees us only as Spirit and does not acknowledge our bodies. Is this correct? If he does not acknowledge the body or if the body is a way by which we think we can maintain our separation from God and others, why would God protect the body? He created us (Spirit) as perfect, not the body. Is that correct? Has He promised to protect the body as perfect if we have complete faith? How does it fit in when the body dies? Does God promise us that our bodies will come to no harm?

I am especially interested in learning how I can overcome/release a 7-year-old constant headache and multiple kinds of chronic pain. It would be easier for me to think more about Spirit and less about the body if pain did not demand so much attention by its constant presence.

Thanks for writing and for your desire for healing. My reference to debt in form was a Call to question and release all false ego "laws" (beliefs) such as economics, health insurance, exercise, nutrition, etc. I recommend ACIM WorkBook Lessons 50 & 76 for further study on this topic. For an in-depth discussion on sickness and healing, I suggest Lesson 136.

God creates Spirit and therefore does not protect the body, for what God creates is invulnerable. In this world, when the mind becomes aligned with the Holy Spirit, the body needs no concern or special care. Yet this "protection of mind" requires careful mind watching. Lesson 136, paragraphs 17-20, address this topic directly. Attentiveness, mind watching, and surrender are all important as the only truly helpful "health insurance." True health begins and ends in the mind.

God's Promise is that of creating the Spirit Eternal. Nothing can change Eternal Love, and thus God's Promise can never BE broken.

Love & Blessings,