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Can you speak on the desire for Marriage?

The question on my heart is this: When the truth of love is seen fully, is there such a thing as marriage? A part of me still desires this "union," but doesn't He place that desire within us, and we just see it amiss in separation? And what does this look like in Spirit and in truth? I would appreciate your insight on this.

Yes, the desire for union is seen amiss in a world based on separation. In Truth marriage has no form, for marriage is Content in Spirit and in Truth. Marriage is a word that symbolizes the desire for union, and as you approach the Kingdom of Heaven within it becomes apparent that Union is fully and truly experienced as Oneness with God. To know Christ is to know that the Father and I are One. This is the Union of Divine Mind. In this world, marriage can be a step toward this Union if the relationship is given to the Holy Spirit to direct. Marriage as the union of partners is an initial commitment that is meant to lead toward the commitment to accept Atonement, to accept the Correction to the belief in separation. Purpose is always the key: "Who is my Guide?" Remembering that it is impossible to serve two masters. The Holy Spirit uses relationship to heal and bless. The ego uses relationship to make a false idol and to perpetuate itself.

In Salvation or Enlightenment, the experience is Total Oneness. It is not really that two become One, but rather that Union is the Being of Oneness God creates Eternally. God placed the desire to Awaken on your heart, and this is the Call to remember God. The Holy Spirit is this Call and thus the Holy Spirit is your desire for Union. The Union cannot be experienced in duality, and that is why I am Calling you out of the world—for this is a world of duality. The Union of God and Christ is reflected in the forgiven world, and this is the Atonement. One outgrows the concept of partnership with a body or soul as one fully accepts and realizes our Divine Union with God. Until the moment of Self-realization there will seem to be the concept of partnership which can be used for a "time,” under the Guidance of the Holy Spirit, to lead beyond the belief in time.

Happy marriage Beloved Child of God! Follow as the Holy Spirit directs and let every encounter be a holy encounter.

I love You forever and ever!