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If the script is written, how can we shorten time? Who wrote the script? If there is no choice in what we do, must we just do what we do and suffer?

I understand from your teachings that everything happens at the right time and right place. Everything happens according to destiny. It is already set in stone. Then how can we shorten the time it takes for the Holy Instant or enlightenment? And who wrote the script? Does it also mean that even in this illusory dream everything happens according to Divine Plan and it is not random?

This also means there is nothing anyone “does.” There is in essence no volition, no doer. We can neither show any sense of "I did" for any seeming joy that is generated, nor feel guilt or shame for any seeming sorrow that is generated in others. Since there is absolutely no choice in what we do, we just have to do it and bear all pain and suffering and only wait for our time for salvation. Then the nagging question arises: why should I have to wait longer than say David (and many enlightened ones) and go through this suffering? What is the purpose behind such Divine Will?

Thanks for your questions and your devotion to Awakening. The fundamental and only error was one of time. The ego wrote the script. The error was the belief in separate situations, circumstances, events, persons, and things arranged on a timeline in a sequence called past-present-future. The ego and the script were synonymous, as were the ego and the story line. It is a joke to think that time can come to circumvent Eternity, Which Knows not of time. And that is why Awakening means remembering to laugh at what never was and could never be. To see the falsity of time is to Be Happy.

The Correction sees the past as past, the false as false, and this includes all images. The real Present Moment is What Is. The Present is before time was. It is the I AM Presence. What Is precedes the concept of choice, which seemed to arise from the belief in separation. Time and Eternity but seem to conflict until it dawns that only one is real. The Holy Instant is apart from time because It has a real Origin. Miracles but seem to shorten time until the realization dawns that the alpha and omega, the beginning and end, are Now. You cannot prepare for the Holy Instant without placing It in the future. What time but Now can Truth be known? Now is the only time there is, and thus Enlightenment or Salvation can only be accepted Now. There is nothing random in the Divine Plan of Awakening to Oneness.

You wrote: "...there is nothing anyone does. There is in essence no volition, no doer. We can neither show any sense of 'I did' for any seeming joy that is generated nor feel guilt or shame for any seeming sorrow that is generated..." This is true. This is the essence of forgiveness or perceiving the whole, and forgiveness is the reflection of the Divine Oneness that has no opposite.

The belief in choice was the belief in pain and suffering. The belief in choice was also the belief in time. In wholeness "pain and suffering" are not possible. In wholeness there is no "wait,” for wholeness is ever present. The seeming "i" that believed in time had nothing to do with the Divine Will for Perfect Happiness. In Reality, Christ and God share the same Free Will, and this Divine Will is Eternal. Why wait for Heaven? Heaven is You and You are Home. This is the recognition that is the Peace of God. There is nothing "else" besides Eternity that can be Known with Certainty.

Forever In Love,