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How can I remember more consistently throughout the day?

I know the Course is true and will bring me back to God by the simple application of it in my life. I know that the Course offers only Love, and that my salvation is Now. My problem is that I seem to apply these principles only during certain parts of the day. While I know the Course to be True, I forget to apply it to my everyday life. Do you have any wisdom which might help me to remember more during each day, down to each minute, and finally down to each moment the beauty of the principles of the Course?

Fan the flames of your passion for God! Every moment presents the opportunity to be attentive to the Voice within. Every instant is a wonderful chance to experience the inner glee and gratitude that wants to burst forth! Approach the mind training discipline with a feeling of openness and curiosity, for willingness to allow the unlearning of false beliefs is the key. You have had many miracles, and these experiences have increased your faith and willingness to open up even more. As the unlearning proceeds, you will seem to understand less and less about the world and seem to experience more and more happiness, and you will discover that there is no earthly reason for such unlimited happiness! Awakening seems at times very disorienting to the ego, but always allow your mind to be reminded that you are not the ego. As you let go of attempts to control circumstances, events, people, places, and situations, the Divine Principle is applied to everything without exceptions. Expectations and agendas fade and fall away. The River of Love carries You, flowing without obstruction to the Vast Ocean of Spirit that goes on and on forever.

Be willing to practice the thought "I know nothing" as the ever present invitation to empty the mind of everything it thinks it "knows" about the world. As long as the minutes and days and weeks and months and years seem real and familiar, the holy instant will seem obscure and fleeting. Yet the attraction for the holy instant of perfect stillness remains ever present, and as you fan the flames of single desire this instant seems nearer in awareness. While time seems to linger in memory you always have the choice of a tranquil mind, and as the unconscious or unwatched mind is raised to awareness you are vividly aware that every experience is a choice. Peace seems to be an increasingly attractive choice as fear is allowed to surface, openly exposed, and voluntarily released. True Intimacy has nothing to hide and nothing to protect. True Intimacy is innocent and transparent. And true humility makes no attempt to define reality, accepting everything as Is and rejecting nothing.

What seems to be a "letting go” process is simply a retranslation of perception by the Holy Spirit. It is impossible to let go of something you never had in the first place. Belief can make time and space seem very real indeed, yet with the Holy Spirit everything is viewed from a very detached Perspective on High. Freed from the belief in the past, the mind revels in the present moment, the gateway to Eternity.

Practice your daily lessons with great passion and devotion, and give over all thoughts of details and logistics and planning to the Holy Spirit. Watch how easily the meaningless is handled when you give your attention to the meaningful! It always comes as a happy surprise when one realizes the experience of Everything has no cost at all. Yet happily the experience of true freedom comes with an awareness that Now is Everything and nothing at all was ever "given up."

I love You forever and ever!