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Won't it take millions of years for the Sonship to be enlightened?

Editor's note:
Below is a portion of a transcribed dialogue between David and participants at a gathering in Argentina. Some theme-related lyrics from Resta's songs have been included in with the transcription as well.]

When you allow the Holy Spirit to wash your mind free of all judgments and comparisons, you will see everyone and everything as the same.

There are no differences. We are the same.

We share one holy Self, one shining Name.

(from Resta's song, "We Can't Go Home Alone")

Enlightenment is not something that occurs in the future. Enlightenment is now. God is not dangling a carrot of salvation in the future. That would be a cruel God! God wants you to receive enlightenment now. So you must question all of your beliefs in time. All concepts of this world are based on the belief in linear time. The present moment is the closest approximation of eternity. It takes trust to open to the present moment, relying and depending on the guidance of the Holy Spirit and releasing the past learning of the ego.

Come to the Now. In the Now be free.

Come to the Now. In the Now lies peace.

(from Resta's song, "Come To The Now")