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Would someone with brain damage still be able to access Universal Mind just as easily?

I remember reading that the brain of the human has nothing to do with the mind. Am I correct in this? As for my question, if I was hit by a truck and suffered brain damage, or had a major mental illness, or later suffered from organic brain syndrome, would I still have contact with universal mind (God)?

Yes you are correct—the brain has nothing to do with Mind. The brain, like the body, earth, stars and cosmos, is a projection of the ego or belief in separation. Everything of the cosmos was made to mimic or substitute for the Reality of Spirit. The brain was the ego's attempt at making up a mind. The brain is temporary. The Mind Eternal. The brain is an unreal effect of an unreal cause. The Mind is One with God, the Cause or Source of All. The brain follows instructions and does what it is told to do. The Mind is the residence of God, the Holy Spirit, and Christ.

All seeming sickness is the ego belief held in mind. The mind was sick that believed the brain could have a dysfunction. Mental illness is the belief that it is actually possible to separate from a Loving Creator. Mental illness is the belief that mind can be split into both love and fear. Therefore "brain damage" or "organic brain syndrome" are nothing more than ego attempts to project the "belief problem" to form by calling the "belief problem" a "brain problem."

"Brain damage" and "organic brain syndrome" have no meaning to the Holy Spirit, Who looks not to effects. The Holy Spirit knows that they have no cause and therefore cannot be at all. As you work with the Holy Spirit and ACIM you will be carried to the forgiven world in the mind, and from this Perspective will perceive a reflection of Reality: a healed cosmos. The body is neutral and cannot be endowed with the characteristics of Spirit or ego. If you believe that the body can be sick you are perceiving from a wrong-minded perspective and seem to have temporarily blocked your connection with the Universal Mind of God. The miracle shows the world to you anew, and in the miracle all seeming "suffering" has gone. In the right-mindedness of the miracle, suffering is impossible, for the miracle reflects the Light of the Holy Spirit Who is the Comforter and the Bridge to remembrance of God. Before healing can be accepted in mind it is necessary to realize that the one problem is a perceptual problem. The problem is the lens that you were looking through, not the specifics that were perceived through the darkened lens of misperception. "Brain damage" and "organic brain syndrome" are specifics without a cause, because all misperceptions have no real cause. God is a real Cause, and Christ and Creation proceed from a real Source. Atonement is seeing that this is a fact and that nothing else exists. But first it is important to see that all sickness is mental sickness and has nothing to do with a brain.

The ego was made by belief and is dispelled as the mind ceases to believe in it. It is really this simple. If one scrap of false belief remains held in mind the Truth of Divine Mind will seem obscured from awareness. Divine Mind simply Is and Is All that can be Known.

I rejoice in your work with ACIM and the Holy Spirit. It will bring you lasting peace and joy and happiness!

Love & Blessings,