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How does one discern between communication from Spirit and my own thoughts? Also, what is a good method for transmuting suffering into Awakening?

You talk about constant prayer and thought watching. The way I've come to see it is that our thoughts are our prayers. Is this right? How does one discern between communication from the Spirit and just a thought? Often it seems hard to tell the difference. Also, what is a good method to transmute suffering, such as sadness or physical pain and illness, into awakening?

Prayer is desire, and desire is continuous or constant. You might call prayer the power of the mind and you might call streams of thought the currents of energy that flow from the use of the mind's power. Love and fear are currents that represent two thought systems that have no meeting point. Communication from the Spirit is always loving, while ego attempts at "communication" always involve some form of fear. Discernment is being able to recognize fear, no matter what form it seems to take, while being aware of its falsity. As you align your mind with Love's thoughts you are remembering the Power and Glory of the Divine Mind that is in and One with the Mind of God. This is natural, for all Power is in and of our Creator, and cannot be found in an "identity" that has no existence. Fear, then, is an unreal emotion that comes from the attempt to have multiple desires. Complete forgiveness or Atonement is unified desire and is an expression of the Bible statement "Let Thine Eye be single." Single desire is another way of saying desirelessness, and this is creation. Creation is Abstract Perfection, Pure Light, Whole & Complete within ItSelf. In creation prayer is formless, a Song of Gratitude of God and Christ, of Love Eternal.

Forgiveness is a means of transmuting suffering into Awakening by seeing the impossibility of suffering. Looking at the false with the Holy Spirit is peaceful, for error is simply exposed as error in this looking. You might think of this as a vantage Point above the seeming battleground of error. Recognize any form of suffering as a Call for Love, extend the Love as Guided, and the perception of suffering is gone—replaced by a miracle. One asks, One Answers, and suffering is undone. The simplicity of Salvation was expressed this way today in my inbox and I offer it now: "Never again allow yourself to ever believe that anything other than God could ever possibly exist anywhere, at any time, in any way, shape or form."

You are in My Heart Beloved One! I rejoice in the freedom that Love brings and the happiness that continues on and on. To be free in prayer is to recognize that You are Everything and lack nothing. The mind that grasps Divine Stillness has no wandering thoughts. Christ is a Wholly Perfect Thought in the Mind of God, and there is no need to take thought for "anything else,” for there literally is only Love to behold.

I Love You forever and ever,