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How can I release my attachment to the special relationship with my husband?

How can I release all attachments, like the special relationship with my husband?

This is a big question that Jesus spends nine chapters on in "A Course in Miracles"! When the mind seemed to fall asleep and forget the Kingdom of Heaven, it believed it was lacking. In Heaven it is whole and complete. The ego then tried to offer a substitute for the love and intimacy of Heaven. Thus were special relationships made, to offer completion as a God-substitute. So your husband is in the position or role of providing you unconditional love, but this is impossible for a human being to do. When we pick a partner, a life partner, deep down we are saying: You are my best chance at receiving unconditional love. Out of six billion other people, I have picked you to offer me unconditional love. And if you aren't able to fulfill this role, divorce is always an option!

The best way to perceive your husband is as a reflection or mirror of the thoughts and beliefs that you still hold. When you are tempted to get angry at something that your husband does or doesn't do, it will be a wonderful opportunity to get in touch with your unconscious beliefs. No human being has the power to upset one's Self. It is always our own thoughts and beliefs that take away our peace. So ACIM offers a way to transform your special relationship into a holy relationship in which you share the purpose of the Holy Spirit and experience much joy and much gladness.