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Story of Jesus in Urantia book: fact or fiction?

I love the section, The Life and Teachings of Jesus in “The Book of Urantia.” I was turned onto this book by your website. Here is my question however. I sometimes get confused by the truth in the book. I am not sure if I am reading a great story, or the true life as Jesus lived witnessed by other intelligence. I understand that either way I can learn many valuable lessons as supported by this story. If this is just a great story that is not true, then that is great, I can learn from it, and you will have answered my question with that. But if this is the true story of Jesus' life, then I run into this: this book places Jesus up on a platform as this being his universe. If this is a true story, then what I am gathering is that this is a personal account of the resurrecting mind of Jesus as witnessed by another intelligence. Therefore the reason to me that Jesus is placed on a platform as being "his universe" is that because this is completely personal. For instance, as I go through time and more and more align my thoughts with the thoughts of God, I would start my ascent to Heaven. And at the final moment where I have realized Who I Am, this would be my universe, and I could have a book about my life and my ascension to God. This is the only way I can put what they are trying to say together. That this is his personal story, and since we are all living within our Singular Reality, that we all have our own stories and universes that live within. Am I close? Or am I way off? I hope I explained this correctly, because I am not sure that you will get my meaning. Please write back with any thoughts you have on this subject. Thanks again David for all you do!

Truth is Abstract Oneness, Eternal, Changeless, and Infinite. Truth is Spirit. Truth has no beginning or end, It simply Is. Truth is far beyond form, specifics, stories, and perception. Truth is beyond the belief in time-space. The words "I and the Father are One" point to a State of Mind Which has been called the Kingdom of Heaven, Nirvana, the Absolute, Eternity, Divine Love, etc. The story of Jesus is helpful in that it points beyond all stories to the Truth of Eternal Oneness. "My Kingdom is not of this world" and "I am calling you out of the world" and "the Kingdom of Heaven is within" are all sayings which point to a State of Being Which is Reality. Just as Eternity knows not of time, Truth knows not of illusion.

The story of Jesus, like all stories, is a parable. The value of a parable rests in its ability to point to that which is everlasting and true. The present moment "the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand" is the closest approximation of Eternity with regard to this world, and the story of Jesus offers a model, an example, of how words and symbols are used by the Holy Spirit to make ready the willing mind to accept the Holy Instant of Atonement. The words of the Holy Spirit and the words of Jesus are synonymous. The actions of Jesus represent the unconditional Love of God. Stories and behaviors are representations or symbols and as such are subject to interpretation. May the prayer always be to behold the Meaning, the Light, to which the Holy Spirit points. The words and actions and attitudes offered in the story of Jesus are examples and demonstrations of the Christ Mind, Which is One with the Mind of God. The story of Jesus is a witness to the Reality Which is Eternal and exists forever beyond the seeming veil of time-space.

The forgiven world is not personal. "God is no respecter of persons." Forgiveness is the Perspective of the Holy Spirit in which all stories collapse in a single moment "in the twinkling of an eye." All questions are Answered in this single Atonement. The illusion of the "personal perspective" gives way to the illusion of universal forgiveness, making way for the remembrance of God. God and Christ are Real, for Eternity is Reality.

Persons do not awaken, yet the mind which dreamt of persons gives way to the Holy Spirit's unified Perspective. The story of Jesus is the story of one's own Awakening to the Spirit beyond the body and time and space. The story of Jesus, like all stories, is not special. Yet it was used, like all symbols, to lead beyond the need for stories and symbols. When Atonement is accepted, the need for stories and symbols is over.

"As you sow, so shall you reap" means the mind always perceives what it believes. The ego belief inevitably was released entirely and replaced by the Holy Spirit's Perspective. There is nothing "else" to accept. The story of Jesus was a witness that this is ALREADY accomplished. Atonement is thus the acceptance of what is always available right now. Sin was interpreted as an error to be corrected, and the good news is that forgiveness has taken the place of the stories of the past. The story "line" has been replaced by the forgiveness "point." Now forgiveness gently looks upon that which is over and done and gone, and only a blessing remains.

I love You forever and ever Holy One of God,