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How do I apply ACIM in a job where I'm required to enforce laws and morals?

It seems "A Course in Miracles" repeats over and over again that anything that is not eternal is simply not real, and (if I understand correctly) part of a miracle is overlooking all errors and allowing the Holy Spirit to fill your mind with more true perception.

In Marianne Williamson's audio tapes she says that when someone commits a crime that would entail the person going to jail that they would still go to jail, but the miracle she offers is changing the perception of jails by seeing them as places of healing and learning.

But I have noticed that it takes hundreds of hours of someone thinking about their crime to enforce even a minor offense. And like the Course says, whatever you think of another person you actually think of yourself. Which seems correct to me, I find that when I spend time thinking about what other people may have done wrong I do tend to think that other people are projecting negative ideas on to me.

Thanks for writing. Forgiveness is always a gift to our Self because it releases the make-believe self/world/cosmos of the ego and opens the way to the remembrance of Self and God. As a brother or sister is recognized beyond the body, their Innocence as a Divine Creation is recognized. You have written that the "miracle is overlooking all errors..." and this is so. With the Help of the Holy Spirit it is possible to look beyond error to the Light of the Atonement, Which is forever Innocent and Sinless. Pardon is always justified because the misperceptions of the ego are not real. The Golden Rule asks you to do unto others as you would have others do unto you. See nobody as guilty and you see nobody to blame. The Innocence of the Spirit is apparent when one realizes that attack is impossible. A unified mind cannot attack or be attacked. And without the belief in attack guilt has no basis. The Holy Spirit gently leads to a unified mind and a unified perception that is the forgiven world. When forgiveness has been accepted, the illusion of guilt has vanished from awareness.

It is possible to perceive any seeming situation as extending Love or Calling for Love. Let the Holy Spirit show you by aligning your mind with this Guidance. Healing is unlearning the ego and thus releasing every scrap of ego belief, thought, emotion, and perception. If you are willing, the way will open - for nothing can obscure the Innocence the Holy Spirit would have you behold.

Blessings to miracle workers everywhere! All Glory to God!

Love always,