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If as ACIM teaches, "Miracles should not be used as spectacles to induce belief" why did Jesus perform so many public miracles?

I have a few questions for you that are on my mind:

1) ACIM says as a Miracle Principle that "Miracles should not be used as spectacles to induce belief"... If this is true, then how would you define Jesus' miracles such as feeding the multitudes, raising the dead, etc?

2) Wayne Dyer really speaks to my soul! I see him and ACIM in perfect alignment with their teachings. Do you see the same consistency in teachings between ACIM and Ernest Holmes? And ACIM and The Unity Church?

Miracles are always only for the mind of the perceiver or dreamer (mind is one) and what seems to occur in form is merely symbolic. Miracles are for the mind that has the ears to hear, so to speak, or the willingness and readiness to behold. Seeming changes in form reflect the shift in mind of the miracle-minded, and though some of these changes seem to transcend "known physical laws,” in Reality there are no "known physical laws." The Law of Love (Spirit) is the only Reality. Feeding the multitudes and raising the dead were symbols of the Divine Law of Love Which has no limit or lack. It is truly the beatitudes or state of mind that demonstrates the miracle has come. It is this state of mind in which consistency is possible and this is a characteristic of Awakening. "Consistent form" is a contradiction in terms, although behavior can seem to become more "stable" for the miracle-minded. The easy way to remember that miracles are not intended to be used as spectacles to induce belief is to remember that miracles are the means of Awakening for a mind that already "believes" yet is also willing to go beyond belief and "Be Still and Know That I Am."

The teachings you mention are all very helpful stepping stones in Awakening to Oneness. The Holy Spirit will Guide you to discern the true from the false in all regards, and the deeper you seem to go you will seem to transcend all linear concepts and come to an experience that will end all doubting. The teachings you mention have Oneness as their main focus, yet there are subtleties of ego concepts that are transcended completely in Enlightenment. Your inner work with the Holy Spirit will instruct you on your inward movement and Help you lay aside every linear (past-future) concept (such as balance and process and growth and personality). You are moving steadily inward to the experience of Atonement, Christ, and God's Love.

Love Eternally,