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What is the difference between prayer and meditation?

Each of your welcome words carries a passion—all of your heart and your being is infused with God’s love—and that is contagious! But now I want to ask you a question. What is the difference between meditation and prayer? And how I can open more to prayer? Thank you and Bless you.

Thanks for writing and sharing what is on your mind. Prayer is sometimes thought of as talking to God and listening for God's Answer. Meditation is sometimes thought of as the practice of stilling the mind and sinking beneath the thoughts of the world. Even though prayer and meditation are often thought of as "activities" or "practices,” they are actually continuous—meaning they are without beginning and end. Prayer is desire, and it truly can be said, "be watchful of what you pray for, for you will experience it." It is possible to experience a Stillness of Mind that is involuntary and never controlled or forced. True meditation, like prayer, is being receptive, aligned, and extending in God's Love. They meet in the Present Moment as a Living State of Being. First the mind becomes still and open to receive the Holy Spirit's Guidance. The Holy Spirit's Guidance dissolves the ego, and thus the ego's "chatter" seems to become less and less apparent in awareness. As the belief in time is undone, only Radiant Stillness "remains."

The aim or goal of prayer and meditation is always: Be Still and Know.

Love always,