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What about the Holocaust? Couldn't ACIM be used to condone attack by saying "it never happened"?

I have got a big question. When we use Course principles, we say that what hurt us in the past never happened. What exactly does that mean? For example, if the Course is saying that the Holocaust never happened, this is shocking and can be used by certain groups to justify anti-Jewish feelings. Can you help me to understand?

Miracles collapse time and offer a Correction for all misperception. The ego is the belief that it is possible to be unfairly treated. It matters not whether the error of abuse seemed to take the form of mild annoyance or mass murder, for there are not different forms of the same illusion. Forgiveness lets go of all illusions together, and in forgiveness Innocence is recognized. Forgiveness is always a gift to One Self, for only the error of attack seemed to veil the Love within. The Spirit teaches that pardon is always justified, and peace and understanding go together. Pardon what never happened and accept What Is is the pathway to the Happiness of Being Present.

The ego may seem to quote scripture and justify an "anti" feeling or opinion, yet the ego has no seeming existence or power or life unless it is believed. It is helpful to question the unconscious ego belief system in abuse and victimhood, for once it is exposed as false it disappears from awareness.

I am joined with you in forgiveness, and complete forgiveness is the awareness that the separation from God never happened. Indeed only forgiveness is a worthy goal for your time and effort, for forgiveness yields peace of mind. Nothing can prevail against a Child of God Who knows of God's Eternal Peace.