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How can something so perfect as the human body NOT have been created by God?

It seems difficult to believe that something so perfect as the human body is not created by God.

If you take an honest look at the human body, your perception of perfection may change! It seems to be born, but then it seems to die. It seems to bring many pleasures, but it also seems to bring many pains. The ego hates the body. It believes it deserves a better home. The ego does not know of heaven, and the body was made as a substitute home. It tries to dress it up and make it pretty, like painting lipstick on a skeleton. Yet to the Holy Spirit, the body is neutral. It is neither beautiful nor ugly. It is neither good nor bad. It is a symbol, just like a tree or a car or a pencil. To the Holy Spirit the body is a learning device, or more accurately, an unlearning device. It helps you unlearn a sense of pride, of uniqueness, of individuality. The ego seems to be insulted at every turn of the spiritual journey. So coming back to your original question, that which is eternal is perfect. God is perfect. Christ is perfect, and creation, which is spirit, is perfect. The body, the sun, the stars, the planets, even the black holes, seem to have a beginning and they will seem to have an ending. In that sense nothing in form and nothing in time and space is perfect because it will not last.