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Does the Holy Spirit give specific instructions about how to deal with a perceived sickness, such as to go to a doctor?

Does the Holy Spirit give specific instructions as to how to deal with perceived sickness, like seeing a particular doctor?

When you open to the guidance of the Holy Spirit, you will receive specific instructions. These instructions seem to be very individualized, based on what you believe. The Holy Spirit has to reach the mind in a language it can understand and with concepts which it can understand. It is like climbing up a ladder. Once you reach one rung and push off, you move to the next.

I recall one woman who came to a gathering of mine and was very distressed. She had been into metaphysics her whole life, always telling her friends and family that sickness is all in the mind. She had just been to the doctor who diagnosed her with cancer. She did not feel she could go home and face her family and friends, for they might ridicule her instead of having compassion for her.

She told me of a past life regression she had in which she was beheaded by guillotine, and now had cancer in the lymph glands on her neck. I told her to go ahead to the hospital and proceed with the surgery and see that the scalpel or knife, that would be coming to the same place on the body, would be a symbol of healing. And that she should see the doctors and nurses as angels, and share all of her wonderful ideas with them in the hospital.

This is an example of working with the belief system. If the mind was not too frightened of healing, it would be healed in an instant. The Holy Spirit will never force healing unless it is welcomed. Healing would seem to require a letting go of everything that is perceived, and at times the mind is too resistant to that. The sleeping mind would rather remain tiny and call forth a witness of sickness to prove that it is right about its tininess. This is the insanity of the ego. It will never make any sense, but it can be forgiven.