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Can you ask Holy Spirit what I should do next?

I want to lead a life of complete reliance on Holy Spirit. I ask Holy Spirit for guidance but do not seem to get anything definite, although I have a lot more peace these days than I ever had before. It is a novel idea for me to understand and implement in my life that Holy Spirit can be/should be consulted even for a seemingly small decision like what I should wear or eat or whatever.

Could you please guide me how I should proceed now? I do not have a job having recently been laid off. Is it possible for you to ask Holy Spirit on my behalf and tell me what message if any you are getting for me? Of course, I realize that we may have many opportunities to work on this when you visit Dallas, but I want to get a headstart, if possible!

I am glad to hear that you are in a deep state of questioning, for your desire to know the truth and your willingness to question what you believe (the unconscious ego belief system) will lead to the experience of Self-realization. The Holy Spirit is the "How" and this means that as you are willing the means are already provided. With willingness the "how" just seems to happen effortlessly because miracles are done through you rather than by you. To the sleeping mind the "how" seems to involve a series of steps that will lead to a future outcome. To the Holy Spirit, Who is the "How,” it all comes back to Purpose. Actions and behaviors are in the realm of perception, yet the purpose one chooses (Holy Spirit or ego) determines the lens or interpretation the mind uses to find meaning in what it perceives. To the world the means seem to precede the end, yet the miracle shows means and end are one. The miracle sees the false as false or illusions as one.

I cannot tell you what you should do, yet I can encourage you to question every belief that is held in mind. It is wonderful that you are allowing the questions to arise in awareness. Rest assured that more questions will follow and that the ego will vanish - then only certainty remains. All questions are doubts about Identity, and the path of Self-inquiry is laying aside all doubts so that the Living experience of Identity may shine unobstructed. For the Self is All and in truth there is only the Self God created as One.

Our upcoming meeting will provide many seeming opportunities to remove the obstacles to the awareness of Love's Presence. I rejoice that you have the willingness for this, for there is nothing more profound or holy than the willingness to forgive illusion and thus remember the Self God created in Perfect Love.

Namaste & Great Blessings,