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Is the ego less resistant to ACIM in children and teens?

Is the ego less resistant to the Course in children and teens?

One thing that is wonderful about "A Course in Miracles" is that it makes no distinction between children and adults. It sees everyone as a brother or sister and keeps the focus on one's own mind and thoughts. Children can be witnesses to your mind of innocence and playfulness and spontaneity when you are in the miracle. Yet to the ego, they can seem to offer a struggle.

Children are wonderful for undoing what the Course calls the "authority problem." The mind that tried to make itself denied that God was its author and made up a world in which there were many authority issues: issues seemingly between children and parents; between citizens; between belief systems; between citizens and government; between nations. So all of these present opportunities to hand the situation over to the Holy Spirit and see that there is no struggle between persons. The struggle is trying to hold on to the ego.

Can you talk about forgiveness and what we need do to let go of in this world?

Jesus says in "A Course In Miracles" that forgiveness involves letting go of all judgment, emptying the mind of all it thinks is good and bad, right and wrong, pleasurable or painful, and letting the Holy Spirit wash the mind clean of everything it thinks it believes and knows. The real miracle happens when you trust in the Holy spirit to handle all things. To the extent you try to retain some control, you will still experience conflict and distress. The Course teaches: Let go and let God! When we align with the Holy Spirit, all of our problems disappear. They were figments of our ego imagination.