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What should I do about a deceitful person who is spreading lies about me at my workplace?

I always find Truth in your messages, and at this time I really need some help. My colleague at work is an "expert liar" and has tried continually for nine months to try and discredit me and my work. I did actually confront her for the first time yesterday, but this seems to have made her even more adamant in her attempt to discredit me.

I have to admit that I have had problems with "liars" since the age of five when I was totally shocked to hear that someone had lied about me, but I didn't do anything about it. Am I facing this over and over until I do something about it? I am just so confused.

It may be helpful to think of lying and deception as synonymous with the ego thought system and then to remember that the goal is to look upon the error with the Holy Spirit and laugh at its falsity. Seeing the falsity of the belief in the self-concept will free your mind of being bothered by the error. In the Mind Overhaul Journal I address your question in the following dialogue:

"Q: What would you say about deceit as opposed to control or manipulation? Probably the person that I was the most angry with in my entire life was a very deceitful person. He lied whenever it suited him and I think he hurt many people that way. When I was dealing with him I wasn't just imagining those falsehoods, was I?

D: The same line of reasoning can be applied to deceit. The reason deceit of any kind seems to provoke anger is because all deceit is a reminder of the deceit in one's own mind. To believe in the ego is deception. One who perceives oneself as existing in this world has fabricated a self and that is deceitful. To believe that one could actually separate from God is the most basic and the only deception. But that's too terrifying to keep in awareness, so it's denied from awareness and the deceit is projected onto the world and onto persons.

Anger could not really be because of a relationship with a "deceitful person,” but comes from projecting the guilt inherent in believing one has separated from God. You can see that upset of any degree or variety can be traced back to that one error. And only the one Correction, the Atonement, will bring eternal peace and happiness and an end to anger forever!"

Your experiences at work are part of a rapid and intense undoing of the self-concept. The events are your own Call for Love rising into awareness, for deep within your mind you have had "enough" of believing in the ego. Your colleague is “acting out” your belief that you are not your Self. The personality self is not our Christ Self, and everything that blocks Christ from awareness is being exposed and flushed up. As you think of your colleague and treat your colleague, you are perceiving a mirror or reflection of what you believe is possible. The ego is the belief that deception is real, and the world only witnesses to what the mind believes. Any lie can only seem harmful to the mind which believes the lie is true. To the Holy Spirit lies are overlooked in gentle laughter, for the Holy Spirit sees the truth of You. When you are aligned with the Holy Spirit you will extend only loving kindness, for there is no threat to our Spirit. Only the ego seems hurt by deception, yet the ego IS the deception. Our Spirit is invulnerable, and this is experienced as faith when investment is withdrawn from the ego. This is the current lesson and it will seem to repeat until it is learned (or until the self-concept is unlearned or forgiven).

You are as God created You, and no lie can ever veil the Truth of You, Beloved One! You are the Christ, a Masterful Work of God, and your "Work" is Being as God created You. Forgiveness clears the way to Self recognition.

I love You forever and ever,