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If this ego made this world, why do I still see so much beauty and love in it?

Since the ego created this world, and the ego is based on fear and destruction, then why am I seeing so much beauty and love in this world. I know and see the evil and ugliness that is going on, I am not blinded by this. However, I see every day so much kindness, and love, could this be the influence of the Holy Spirit I am seeing?

The Holy Spirit is invisible, and yet you can and are beginning to experience the Presence of the Holy Spirit in your mind. The mind sees or perceives what it believes. This is how perception "works,” so to speak. The ego made the temporal cosmos/world of time/space, yet the Holy Spirit Helps to straighten out the distorted perception (the darkened glass mentioned in Corinthians in the Bible) and offers a way to see the world anew from an entirely different Perspective. This opens the way for the Vision of Christ Which is Pure Abstract Light and beyond perception entirely.

Miracles are reflections of healed perception, glimpses of kindness and love that collapse time. They let you know that there is a replacement for all perceived hurt and pain and grievances. Miracles offer an alternative, another way of looking upon the world. Miracles are a reflection of God's Mercy and Grace.

The ego is the belief in duality and multiplicity. This seems to produce a cosmos/world of opposites. The Holy Spirit uses what the ego made to Guide the mind toward the inward Correction or forgiven world. As you seem to "advance" in your mind training you will still seem to see opposites, yet all unlearning is aimed at accepting the Atonement or final Correction for the sleeping mind. The Atonement shows the cosmos as one tapestry, whole and single and unified. The Atonement ends the belief in time, in degrees, in levels, and intervals. What is the same cannot be different, and what is one cannot have separate parts. Forgiveness demonstrates that mind is singular, and this dissolves the belief in differences and opposites. Behind the veil of perception is the direct recognition of Divine Mind, of Abstract Light & Love. The aim of our work with ACIM is complete forgiveness, the Atonement, or the Correction of error.

Jesus said: "Judge not." All judgment involves comparison, yet what is one is beyond comparison. Love looks on ItSelf in Pristine Purity. Forgiveness reflects Love so brightly that all differences disappear in its healing light.

Our Identity in God is the Beauty that will never end. Our Love goes on and on and on. Our Light is created to extend forever.

Miracles collapse time down to one instant: Now.

Now. God Is. I Am.

Happy Awakening Beloved One!!! We share One Life in God!

Love always,