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How should I pray for "others"?

I am truly blessed to have found your website. I was starving, and could find no one who understood my quest to attain the kingdom and to abide there. I would like to know, is there a method for praying for other people with a specific meditation or prayer? Is there a more powerful way one might pray for another who has not become aware of the error of duality and its powerlessness, that may speed them along the way to freedom?

Thanks for writing and sharing the kind and gracious words from the Love within. I rejoice with You as One! Your focus is in the right direction, in the sense that the experience of forgiveness dissolves the belief in "another" entirely. The form of prayer that might be called "praying for another" is a form of charity. Charity is seeing a brother or sister as much farther along than they appear to be in time, and so charity is a time-related reflection of Love. The Oneness of Love is a Universal State of Being that is Eternal. Therefore Oneness transcends time entirely. Praying for "another who has not become aware of the error of duality and its powerlessness" is a Call to release the belief that anything can exist besides the Eternal Oneness of God's Love. The Absolute Oneness of Love can have no opposite, and the belief in private thoughts and private minds— meaning separate individuals—IS the belief that Love can be broken apart and divided up. Your prayer of the heart is to feel and experience the Oneness of Love, and the witnesses that are Called forth shine as a reflection of your prayer. The mind sees or perceives what it desires, and as desire is purified, our single perception is healed and whole.

The aim of meditation might be stated as emptying the mind entirely of erroneous thoughts and beliefs so that not one seeming "scrap" remains. The aim of prayer might be stated as knowing the Will of God as Eternal Oneness. Prayer and meditation in their early forms are seen as means to the end of Enlightenment or Salvation, yet in the Present Moment they are but ways of describing the flow of the Spirit. It is helpful to ponder these ideas:

When I am healed I am not healed alone.(W-pI.137)

My mind holds only what I think with God.(W-pI.144)

Love has no opposite.

Truth is true and only Truth is true.

Means and ends vanish in the experience of Oneness, for What Is takes no time to experience.

I love You forever and ever,