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If I am an extension of God, and he has no need to forgive, why must I?

Is it possible for me to be able to forgive? I don't think so. Not if I am thinking of it in terms of forgetting. Yes in the terms of realizing that whatever was done, was just a mistake, and that they and I are going to make many more mistakes.

Is it possible for God to forgive? I again don't think so. He loves us unconditionally, which to me means he holds nothing against us. Therefore there is nothing to forgive.

Where does the mistake in understanding forgiveness come from? I believe it comes from our own judgments. Since my judgments are personal, they must be forgiven by my own judgment rules. And these rules have nothing to do with forgiveness. They do have to do with keeping someone else under my assumed power, conditionally.

Why am I different from God, Our Father, if He is all there is? With me being an extension of Our Father, The Creator, then why do I judge, when He does not judge? This I do not know.

Answer: Thanks for sharing your thoughts and questions about forgiveness. Yes, God does not forgive, for God has never condemned—and there must be condemnation first before forgiveness is necessary. God does Love without conditions and Is Unconditionally Loving. God knows only Perfection; therefore God knows not of forgiveness. The Holy Spirit, the Bridge to remembrance of God's Love, is the means of forgiveness. The Holy Spirit overlooks illusion and recognizes the Truth. The Holy Spirit's Perspective is non judgmental, and by aligning with this Perspective it is apparent that it is impossible to judge. This returns awareness to Non Judgmental Being, the Being God creates Eternally. You experience that nothing really happened at all.

The personal perspective of the ego made the world of time and space seem real. The ego was the belief in judgment, in the ability to order and rank illusions into a hierarchy. Yet given to the Holy Spirit, this insane belief dissolves, for judgment never had a real source. And being without a real source, judgment had no real effects. Forgiveness is seeing the impossibility of judgment and thus Awakening to the Natural State of Being Which is forever Changeless. While the belief in a future remains, forgiveness seems fearful. This is because there seems to be a "gap" of time UNTIL forgiveness is accepted. Be not content with future happiness for it is not your just reward. You have cause for freedom Now. In the Present the personal perspective is gone AND forgotten. The Kingdom of Heaven is Now!

Love always,