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How should one look upon those who would control the Course (i.e. by copyright) and use it for financial gain?

I have a question about control. What is a helpful way to perceive the attempt to control, profit, and falsely associate that is so characteristic of ego thinking? I am thinking of this with regard to a particular situation that seems to involve the book "A Course In Miracles" and its publication, copyright, and trademark policies around the letters "ACIM." 

Thanks for writing and sharing all that is on your heart. Love is an experience that is our Heavenly Inheritance. Love cannot be bought or sold or controlled or legalized. Love cannot be organized or falsely associated. Love simply Is and needs no protection to Be As It Is. What profit is there to one who seems to gain the whole world and yet seems to lose awareness of the Soul? Forgiveness is the reflection of God's Love to this world of unreality. Forgiveness is peaceful and tranquil, and quietly does nothing. It judges not. It looks upon illusion and sees its falsity. And that is all. Forgiveness renders error impossible.

Everything that seems to occur in this world can be viewed as a lesson in forgiveness. Forgive your brothers and sisters for what they did not do, for the perception of persons and places and things strung out on a timeline is the false perception. The world can but represent the concepts the mind holds dear. Would you retain the concepts of control, protection, profit, and false associations or let them go? If you would forgive and experience the peace and happiness and freedom and joy and love that God Gives forever you must let go of the ego and all its defenses. You perceive what you believe. The real question is "What do you want to believe?" Forgiveness releases the ego's "personal perspective" on the world and sees its falsity. The Purpose of the Holy Spirit overlooks the "error" entirely. Would you perceive with this Gentle Perspective or cling to the belief in grievances?

If you would truly LIVE the Course you will live by faith and trust in the Holy Spirit. You will not charge money for anything the Holy Spirit seems to offer through your mind. You will accept that all things that seem to come to you in support of your holy function come from the Holy Spirit's use of the symbols of the world. You will affiliate and align solely with the Holy Spirit and be completely unaffiliated with the concepts of the ego and the world. Our Identity is in God, in Spirit, not in symbols. Let the Holy Spirit use the symbols but have no "identity association" with them. In this way You will Know Our Self as Christ, Pure Spirit forever and ever!

No "body" or "organization" can "control" one's direct connection to the Holy Spirit. The decision to connect or disconnect is one's own decision. Right Now is our Communion Perfectly unaffected by the error that was called "ego." Protect your awareness of God's Peace of Mind by seeing the impossibility of judgments of any kind. Consider peace of mind as your profit, for it is the Everlasting Gift of God and cannot truly be taken away except by the faulty choice to align with error. If you find your mind tempted to make anything "personal" remember that you always have a choice in the matter. Then decide for God.

Many seem to be waiting on a "copyright trial" verdict from Judge Sweet in New York about the "future" of "A Course In Miracles" and trademarks and profits, etc. I will tell you something: the Holy Spirit's Perspective is a Present choice that will set your mind free forever. The Atonement is Sweet! Choose It Now and realize that there is nothing to "wait for" at all. Atonement is the sole responsibility of the miracle worker or teacher of God. This is the decision to LIVE in the Present! Such Joy! All Glory to God!

In Flowing Love and Peace,