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Why do anything? Why do all realized beings (Jesus, Buddha, etc..) always end up being spiritual teachers? Why not doctors or engineers, etc..?

I believe deeply that no one can ever help me find the truth. My biggest question is about the true meaning of action (or inaction), and what one should be doing in the world, or not doing. Is there an action that's not a product of thought? And is spontaneity just a lack of thought, either conscious or unconscious?

Also, why is it that all the so-called realized souls are always those who “spread the message,” trying to teach the world? Why is it that the Christ, the Buddhas are always preachers? Why not, say, an engineer or a doctor? And finally, in terms of working for a living, how is one supposed to find out what one loves most? Can you shed some light on all this?

Thanks for writing. The question is not one of action versus inaction, but always one of purpose. Discernment of purpose is very important because one's state of mind is a result of the purpose one has chosen to align with—either the ego or Holy Spirit. Peace of mind, happiness, freedom, and contentment are not dependent on whether the body seems to be active or inactive since from the Spirit's Perspective all apparent behavior is a dream, an unreal effect of an unreal cause.

Interpretation of behavior is always the ego's perception, for the ego recognizes only form and knows nothing of Content or True Meaning. True Meaning or Identity is Abstract Light, and the world was made to cover over the Light and keep It out of our awareness. The world is an ego device for distracting us from questioning the underlying false beliefs and concepts—to focus us on behavior and endless questions about behavior. Behavior, as all of form, is the past and no meaningful questions can ever be asked about that which is over and gone.

What one "does" or "doesn't do" flows from the purpose the mind has chosen to identify with. The ego uses the body for pride, pleasure, and attack. The ego's purpose is to reinforce separation and protect the false belief in private minds and private thoughts. The Spirit uses the body solely as a communication device. The Spirit always communicates that mind is unified and that everything is connected, being one tapestry of wholeness. Apparent actions—or inactivity—inspired by the Spirit's Purpose are always helpful; apparent actions—or inactivity—motivated by the ego's purpose are NEVER helpful. Discernment is, therefore, being clear about what Purpose is helpful and what purpose is not helpful.

Apathy is ego-motivated. Joy is Spirit-inspired. "Working for a living" is always ego motivated. Trusting Divine Providence is always Spirit inspired. The perception of "needs" is always ego motivated, the miraculous synchronicity of "all things work together for good" is always Spirit inspired. Real Self-expression is joyful, while ego "self-expression” is but an attempt to reinforce an illusion that could never be. Be aware that as long as the mind believes in duality, the choice of which of the two purposes to align with—Spirit or ego—is a choice of which Self/self to believe is real. This moment "to Be or not to Be" is the choice, and only in the ultimate decision to accept Atonement is choice undone forever.

You’re wondering, "How is one supposed to find out what one loves most?" Forgive the illusion, and recognize that Love is One and "most" is meaningless. Love makes no comparisons, for there is nothing to compare in Oneness.

To your question, "Why is it that all the so-called 'realized souls' always lectured around, trying to teach the world. Why is it that the Christ, the Buddhas are always preachers? Why not, say, an engineer or a doctor?" The form may seem like a preacher or a teacher yet the Content is One Spirit. A mind emptied of all false self-concepts is freed to recognize the Self, the Spirit. Forgiveness is the release of all tiny ego self-concepts, and even forgiveness must give way to the Truth beyond all dreaming. Forgiveness shows the meaninglessness of fragmented perception and offers a happy dream for but a moment. You might say that this Forgiven world is learned as the ego is unlearned, for the reflection of light and darkness have no meeting point.

As far as your asking, "Is there an action that's not a product of thought? and Is spontaneity lack of thought ( both conscious and unconscious?)" All thought-forms which appear to be opposites, including apparent "action" and "inaction,” are within the domain of the ego. A miracle is a spontaneous choice of the Spirit's Purpose in which form is one or whole and the cosmos is perceived from the Spirit's Perspective Which sees the false as false—for there is no sense of "otherness." The miracle collapses time and seems to shorten the need for learning forgiveness or unlearning the ego. The Holy Instant is a Still Thought in God which time cannot touch, and in which action and inaction have no meaning.

You said, "I believe deeply that no one can ever help you find the truth." This is true, for truth is a recognition that there is no "other" than One Self. The opening to this recognition is discernment, and only the Spirit within can make the discernment of which I speak. Do not look to anybody to make it for you, for there is nothing outside of You and the Voice for God alone can be understood. Meaning cannot be found in images, so seek not to "figure out" or "understand" what has no meaning. The recognition of Self as God created Self is everlasting Meaning, and nothing else has ANY meaning. This seeming leap of faith is but a simple recognition, and this natural and obvious "AHHHH HAAAAA" is Enlightenment.

Love and Blessings always,