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What can I do about feeling depressed and alone?

I am 55 yrs old and the mother of five children. What can I do about feeling depressed and alone?

Depression is a call for Help, a call to release all limiting beliefs about yourself and the world and remember Who You are. You are far more than the role or the story that seems to be your life. Opening your mind will bring expanded views of the self-concept, as the learning of the world is undone. Your thoughts tell you who and where and what you seem to be in this world, and those thoughts can be changed. Spirit is underneath the veil of falsity, and many opportunities to release the beliefs that bind the mind are at hand. I have a movie suggestion for you. “Eden,” starring Joanna Going, will be helpful. Contacts and books will appear and mind opening experiences will give you glimpses of the Higher Self as you desire to Know Thyself above all else.

Depression is the feeling from a deep-seated belief in deprivation or lack. Aloneness is the belief that time and space can come between You and God. Yet you are limited only by belief, not in Reality. That is why it is important to question everything you believe—without exception—an emptying of the mind. Let your family be to you mirrors of what you unconsciously believe, for you cannot release something until you are aware of it. Be grateful for what they show you every day. Your only function is to be happy in God, and thus it is important to give yourself permission to release the definitions of self that you have held in the past. Just by desiring healing and wholeness you will notice many opportunities each day to expand your self-perception. Rituals and patterns can seem fixed, yet they but out picture what you have yet to question and assume to be true.

Give yourself time to be still and contemplate the Joy you deserve. Ideas will come that are practical ways to open to the Spirit within. Aligned with God, things will be miraculously done through you and you will experience the Joy of living in the Present. The past learning, the roles, goals, and expectations of pretending to be human keep the mind in the chains of linearity. Allow yourself to really listen within and spontaneously follow your heart's deepest desire to Awaken.

Decisions are not fixed. Decisions are simply conclusions based on everything you believe. To forgive is to let go of all thought of past and future. This is the Holy Spirit's function in your mind. Be willing at every turn to let the Holy Spirit decide for God for you. Happiness is natural when the obstacles to It have been allowed to surface and then released. This is the only helpful use for time.

Blessings always,