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Why do I keep flip-flopping between ego and higher states of Enlightenment?

I’ve been doing the lessons of ACIM for the last 34 days. At my first course study group meeting, I felt that salvation was already here with me. Moments of awakening seemed like they would never go away. I returned to Dubai and find that same salvation waxing and waning. The power of the "insight" does not fade, but that ability to BE that ONE again seems somewhat tested from time to time. Every lesson uplifts one a little bit more and at times one feels one is literally flying. Is enlightenment like this? Up one day and slightly less the next? Underneath it all, one feels a peace hard to describe. Flip-flopping is what one awakened one called it. Why flip-flopping?

Thanks for sharing your heart! In our joining of Purpose the seeming flip-flopping ceases. This is the final lesson: the Truth is true and only the Truth is true. Truth is beyond a shred or scrap of doubt, and what was the seeming flip-flopping was but doubt of Identity. Certainty takes the place of flip-flopping as surely as Love is Real. One seems to undergo a stage of vigilance until it dawns that there is only One and nothing to "oppose." First one shall seem to unplug the ego, and then it seems as if the ego never was. I rejoice with You as the Spirit Now! Nothing can change Eternal Love.