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Does the fact that we are constantly praying relate to karma in any way, or just to mind-watching? What exactly is the concept of karma about anyway?

What I am now curious about is your statement that we are continuously praying, and we need to be watchful of what we ask for. Does this relate to "karma" in some way? Or is it more related to watching the mind? I remember you saying that there is no such thing as cause and effect, and yet that is exactly how karma is described in a book that I am currently reading. I am really grateful to be able to write you and get such insightful, rich answers. It kind of makes me nervous!

Thanks for writing and for being so open. You are a gift in my awareness, for your questions are all aimed at undoing error and recognizing truth. Prayer is continuous, and is actually just another way of talking about the desire of the heart. “Let thine eye be single” is another way of saying, “let the prayer of the heart and the perception of the world be single-minded.” This is looking upon the world through the Perspective of the Holy Spirit. Dualistic desires and thoughts induce the illusion of guilt in consciousness, and mind watching is therefore a helpful practice for remaining in touch with our Divine Innocence. Erroneous desires and thoughts need only be forgiven or released, for error does not come from God. What is real and true needs no protection or defense, for Spirit is always completely invulnerable and whole and complete.

In Heaven God is Cause and Christ Effect, Eternally One in Spirit. This is another way of speaking of the Creator and Creation as One. Karma is a way of speaking about the erroneous cause & effect relationships of time-space. In the cosmos cause and effect seem to be split apart and different from one another. The sleeping mind has forgotten its Eternal Nature and sees itself as at the mercy of "outside" forces. By listening to our inner Spirit it is possible to forgive or overlook the error of separation. Each day is filled with precious opportunities to experience that there is nothing "outside" of our Spirit. Everyone and everything is literally included in our unified mind, and this Perspective is the healed world that the Holy Spirit reveals. In personal dreams karma (cause and effect) seems real, yet in Enlightenment it is apparent that cause and effect are not separate. Images are unreal "effects" that seem to come from an unreal "cause" (the ego), yet what God did not create cannot be a real cause. Perfect Love casts out fear because fear was never real. There is no battle being fought between truth and illusion, and when truth dawns in awareness it is apparent that truth is perfect Oneness and has no "opposite."

To the sleeping mind that believes in the reality of this world, there appears to be many "sources" of fear and guilt in the world. This is the projection of the belief in separation, which is the illusion of fear. To undo error is the way to Know ThySelf, for truth remains Constant and the error which seemed to give rise to all Self-doubt dissolves once it has been raised to the Light of Divine Love. Love and fear do not co-exist, and when fear is brought to Love only Love remains.

A helpful way to think of karma as a stepping stone to Enlightenment is: As you sow, so shall you reap. Forgiveness sees the false as false and reaps the reward of peace of mind. Yet when it is apparent that there is nothing to fear in the world, when linear time no longer has meaning, and when everything is recognized as the tapestry of mind, karma and all concepts of cause and effect as separate have disappeared from consciousness.

Love is a free Gift from God. And happily nothing can change this freely Given Gift of Identity. You are as God created You, and this Gift proclaims our Natural Inheritance as Spirit. Everything "else" simply fades and grows dim and disappears with the Dawning of God's Gift of Love in sacred remembrance.

I love You forever and ever! You are the One,