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What is it that sends thoughts to my mind?

What is it that sends thoughts to my mind?

All thoughts arise from one of two sources: the ego or the Holy Spirit. Miracle impulses come from God and call the mind to return or to wake up. Often these impulses pass through the ego's lens and come into consciousness as cravings or yearnings. These do not seem to be cravings for God. They seem to involve physical conditions. For example, hunger or thirst. All hunger and thirst is really for love, even though on the surface of consciousness they can seem to be for food or water.

As you are able to clear the mirror of the mind, you are able to receive the miracle impulses directly. For example, the Holy Spirit may guide you to call someone or visit someone or take a trip or write a letter. By following these impulses, the mind opens itself to joy because the Holy Spirit is using the body to express ideas of love and hope. All ego thoughts involve lack or control and always involve dependency on form.

When you are listening to the Holy Spirit, the Spirit can use all the symbols of the world but has no investments in them. Take money: it may come to you, and if it is from the Holy Spirit, there is a purpose for it, but there is no charge or guilt around it. It will be used in the purpose of joy. It comes easily and goes just as easily, without concern or worry. It is the same with other symbols as well. As you work more deeply with A Course in Miracles, you will gain a greater discernment of ego thoughts versus thoughts from the Holy Spirit. Thoughts from Holy Spirit are always kind. They remind the mind how loved it is.

Only the ego commands and demands and threatens. The ego is always the voice of fear. So if you are feeling fear, it is good to stop and pray, and not to act based on that fear. People have asked me if fear serves any useful purposes. Fear is always of the ego and therefore serves no useful purpose.