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How can I let go of relying on a job for income, or of hoping for an intimate partnership and just trust things to work out?

I know—because you have told me—that there are no problems apart from one's mind, and the one solution to the problem is within one's mind and available this instant. I love that. Now as to what seems very real—my job, and living paycheck to paycheck and seeing this as my source of income. How does a person remove their self from that picture and trust things will work out? I also would like to share my life with someone but it’s not happening. Sometimes I feel it's because I am always waiting—waiting for something to change. I know this is what I created, and it’s an illusion. I need some help here to see my way out of it, if you could give me some insight on this. Thanks.

Thanks for writing and sharing what is on your mind. It does seem to be a big turn around—seeing the many "problems" of the world as one distorted perception based on one erroneous belief. Looking in a darkened glass for such a long, long time, illusions can seem to be fixed and accepted as reality to the mind conditioned to the darkness. The early lessons of the ACIM Workbook are designed to loosen this fixed and distorted perception so that the miracle, a new perception, can be grasped.

It is always helpful to be reminded that things are never what they seem to be in this world. The purpose you hold and bring with you each day determines the experience you have. To the ego a job is for money and survival and self esteem, and two bodies living under one roof are for intimacy and privacy and getting needs met. To the ego there is fear associated with the loss of a job or a spouse, because they seem to be "sources" for getting important "needs" met. Yet as the mind opens to miracles, the mind receives a fresh new Purpose for everything. The focus shifts from "what can I get" to "what can I extend." This shift of purpose opens up a storehouse of miracles that have remained inside, waiting to be given away. It feels wonderful to be loving and kind and nonjudgmental, and a momentum begins to build in the expressions of love. The Holy Spirit Guides the Awakening mind inward toward an experience of wholeness and a feeling of completion. The movement of Awakening dispels feelings of scarcity and need and lack as the Joy of Giving as God Gives takes over.

Each job and each relationship is nothing more than a learning opportunity. And regardless of the duration of the specific assignment, learning is always maximal. The most that can be learned is learned, and the seeming "end" of a relationship or job is not a real "ending." Decisions are continuous and flow from the purpose the mind hold out front. It is really helpful to ask yourself "What is this for?" with the ways you use time. This is a way of getting in touch with what you value and believe is worthwhile. The Holy Spirit Helps the mind save time by offering a completely different Purpose for time. The Holy Spirit's focus is always the present, for the present is the point of decision and the point of power. The ego ignores the present and stays fixated on the past and the future. The ego offers the mind goals that can never be attained and distractions and side roads that lead nowhere. When you consider a goal, be open to the "goal" of present peace. Be open to the experience of Divine Ease.

Abundance is peace of mind, and the goals of the ego follow a different definition of "abundance." Bigger, better, faster, and more are ghosts in the ego's glitter of deception, yet by releasing the pursuit of these ghosts the mind comes to a genuine state of rest and calm. The Lord restores the tranquility of mind that is natural to the Child of the Living God. The pursuit of specific forms is a wild goose chase that never offers lasting satisfaction. As the mind ceases the pursuit and the chase, the witnesses and symbols to the Light within appear in awareness.

If contemplating a change in a "job situation" or pondering feelings about a particular "relationship opportunity" bring feelings of lightheartedness and joy, be willing to step through the door and into the "new" opportunity. Over and over, be willing. The Holy Spirit offers the Awakening mind progressively expansive and flexible self concepts as it approaches forgiveness. Each shift and each opening toward the Light is experienced as fearful to the ego, for the ego and its artificial limits are being dispelled. Stay focused on what you want to extend and offer, and do not give faith to the past thoughts of "getting" and "achieving." Salvation is the restoration of the mind, and the means is always peace. Past memories and forms cannot be restored, for they were the ghosts that obscured present peace. Everything in this world is backwards and upside down. Future loss is not the fear; present joining is the dread. When the mind no longer buys the bait of ego pursuits and distractions, the simple Intimacy of Loving Thought remains. And the Grand Surprise of the inward journey is the recognition of One Self as the Christ!

Be active in questioning beliefs and fears and limitations, for the "inner work" of allowing the mind to be loosed is your full-time “job." Protect your peace by staying aware of the Holy Spirit's Purpose for every seeming situation that arises. This Purpose will grow and grow in awareness and completely Light your holy mind. I am joined with you in this Purpose, and Whom God created as One cannot fail to recognize Its Oneness. I am with you All the Way!