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When the body dies, does one pass to a higher plane?

When the body dies, does one pass to a higher plane?

Death does not take you to a higher plane, nor does it take you to the Kingdom of Heaven. Practicing miracles does take you to a higher plane of consciousness. As you learn to open your mind to complete forgiveness, all limits are removed from consciousness. It can seem as if your consciousness is being "raised" but in truth consciousness does not have levels. You either forgive or you hold a grievance. With forgiveness it is all or nothing. Even if you were able to forgive ninety-nine percent, you would still be unaware of reality. A Course in Miracles is about accepting Atonement, the correction to the belief in separation. Atonement is complete forgiveness. It is the willingness to look upon the truth because it is the truth, and see that truth has no exceptions. Love and an opposite to love cannot both exist. God is a state of mind that is pure love. So in this sense there is no error possible in God. In Heaven there is nothing to forgive, but for the mind that believes in illusions, it must learn to forgive or release those illusions.