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If I question and release all assumptions and opinions, how will I be able to still operate in society?

You mention that we need to question all assumptions. What do we use in our questioning? To what do we compare our assumptions?

To me, questioning my assumptions would mean disassociating from all opinions, which I can see follows the Course, but I would fail to be productive in my comfort zone: society. My reasoning for this is that due to my ego's love of logic, I won't have an answer for anything anyone asks me. I'd fail to be able to provide for myself or others, monetarily speaking. I'd reply to questions like, "How are you considering paying back your credit card debt?" with answers like,”Oh, I have a debt?" Soon I'd be pushed out of that comfort zone and have to become a hermit. Then the question becomes, is this the kind of behavior that will ultimately free my mind, or am I failing to listen to what you're saying but using my ego to interpret it?

Thanks for your probing inquiry. It is only helpful to use the Holy Spirit for unveiling, exposing, and releasing assumptions. The Holy Spirit will reveal the impossibility of comparison or judgment entirely, and this is the Atonement. As one seems to train the mind (in a time process) with the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit will seem to judge, Guiding one very directly (with prompts and instructions) as long as one believes in specifics and situations. Your feelings are the one right use of judgment in the Awakening, and feelings of peace and joy and happiness are the barometer that lets you know you are following Divine Guidance.

The ego is the questioning aspect of the mind, but initially aiming these questions at assumptions or beliefs, instead of at the projected cosmos is a helpful way of dissolving the questions. Let the Holy Spirit inspire your questions. As the ego assumptions dissolve everything flows smoothly in mind and it begins to dawn that there is no objective world apart from the mind. The ego world was subjective and based on the assumptions held in mind. Beneath all opinions and conclusions and assumptions and beliefs is the truly productive State of Mind: the Divine Silence of Being. This productivity is Creation, the State of Spirit extending forever and ever. This productivity has nothing to do with the ego construct of "society."

The approach toward remembering Divine Creation includes yielding into or surrender into Divine Providence, seeing that every symbol is offered freely of the Holy Spirit. It does entail the thought about literally being unable, "to provide for myself or others, monetarily speaking." It places all trust in the Holy Spirit for supplying every seeming need, such as air, food, water, shelter, transportation, words, communication devices, etc. This does not necessarily mean you will identify yourself as a "hermit" but it does mean you will recognize that you are Divinely provided for in all seeming circumstances. This thinking with the Holy Spirit will ultimately free the mind of its imaginary imprisonment. Behavior but flows from thought as thought flows from belief, so it is with belief and thought that the Holy Spirit works. You might think of behavior as a byproduct of thought, and that is why Correction is never at the seeming level of form. Think with God and be Happy, is the aim of your work with the Holy Spirit. Christ is an Idea in the Mind of God.

In following the Holy Spirit you will gain Certainty by aligning with the Holy Spirit's Purpose and making no exceptions or assumptions. Enlightenment is the awareness that only Love is real. Christ is Certain of Identity in God because Christ is the Child of God's Identity. All Glory to the One Spirit!