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How can I help people who don't know about the Course?

I started 7th grade last year and it has been one of the hardest changes in my life with friends, teachers, and family. The work is very overwhelming. Both emotional and physical hard times. I'm usually a straight A student but this year it all went down the drain. My family is also very stressed right now. My mother who introduced me to "A Course of Miracles" and is the one I turn to when I start to give in to depression. And I help her when she needs it even though I try to help everyone solve their problems, and have even explained to some friends who wanted to know the truth.

Thanks for writing and for your dedication to Awakening to the truth within. Trials can be used to strengthen your faith and call you deeper within. It becomes increasingly apparent that we cannot solve other people's problems and always need to watch our own mind. This is truly our full-time job.

The love will shine through you to people who have never heard of the Course as you let the Holy Spirit direct. When people see your light they may then be curious and ask to know more about what you think. There is never anyone to convince since peace is an internal matter. Your life will be profound and inspirational. Do not be concerned about the grades, and always remember that you have the light within when you are tempted to be depressed. You have entered the 7th grade but your wisdom is beyond the learning of subjects and information. You are the light of the world and everyone is blessed by every step you take in unlearning the ego.

Blessings of Love,