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How can I heal my body of parasites without having an attitude of wanting to "kill" or "get rid of" them?

I have been reading "A Course in Miracles" and am experiencing some confusion.

There is a lot of talk about the attack/guilt sequence, which makes sense to me and I agree with it overall. My particular condition is I have had parasites that have been causing severe symptoms for many years now and have tried an array of different herbal treatments to try to free my body of them, with no success. Now I am reluctantly going the route of conventional antibiotics to purge them from my system. My attitude towards them is not always what I would like it to be, since I directly experience their effects through my body, and I know and appreciate the lessons I have been learning from them in terms of patience, tolerance, compassion, that can come with any disease. My inability up to now to expunge them from my body by meditating on pure light dissolving whatever negative intention that surrounds them has not been fully successful either. So I am looking at discharging them from my body through antibiotics, destroying the bodies of those who would want to remain. In this process it has been very difficult to look upon them with objective love, and not be tempted to have somewhat of a destructionist attitude. I realize that to kill in itself is an illusion, but I am very conscious of what Christ speaks about in terms of we do to ourselves and that which we inflict upon others.

The immune system functions, as my studies reveal, very much like an army. And when foreign intruders (microbes, unfriendly bacteria, etc.) enter the body's system and would cause distress, the different aspects of the immune system work together to systematically level, and in most cases destroy or dissolve the unwelcome guests.

In trying to handle my condition and purge myself of my unwanted guests, I am trying to keep an attitude of higher Love and Understanding which will help me see all this in light of spiritual understandings such as ACIM provides. I have read that all disease is one, in the sense it is all a desire to be separate from our creator. Since my desire is one of unity, I want to carry an intention of this into my dealings with my body.

It is true that our deepest desire is one of Unity, for Creation is Pure Unity. The deepest desire of mind asleep, therefore, is to Wake Up and remember the Unity with God that can never be broken. This deepest desire was seemingly covered by clouds of doubt and confusion, the ego, and Awakening is simply going beyond the dark clouds of error to the Light of Truth within. The error was as you have stated it: "...all disease is one, in the sense it is all a desire to be separate from our Creator." The way you bring the intention of unity into all dealings with the body is to accept the Atonement (complete forgiveness), Which is the undoing or dissolving of the ego IN THE mind. This requires unlearning and releasing everything you seemed to believe and learn about yourself (as a person) and the time-space cosmos. Included in this unlearning is the release of the belief that there is any causation whatsoever in form or matter. This will require questioning the belief in the "medical model" which assumes that symptoms and disease have a physical origin. All seeming dis-ease is rooted in an ontological feeling of guilt (the attack-guilt sequence you referred to in the beginning of your e-mail) and this guilt seems to arise from what ACIM calls "wrong-mindedness,” which is belief that there is causation in matter or form.

Acceptance of the healed mind or the forgiven world might be described as seeing that there is nothing apart from mind. This cosmos is the belief that Divine Mind, Spirit, can be made "manifest" as "the physical,” yet Spirit remains forever Spirit and Eternal. The time-space cosmos is the illusion of "temporal, ephemeral, transitory, changing, physical manifestations" and is not Reality, for True Reality is Eternal and Changeless. Forgiveness is an illusion, for in Oneness there is nothing to forgive. Yet forgiveness is the illusion (healed mind) that leads beyond the belief in multiple illusions (specific forms) and toward the remembrance of Christ and God (Whole Mind, Divine Mind). The parasites perceived in wrong-mindedness were a reflection of the belief in dependency and attack, and this belief is a call for Help, a call for forgiveness or right-mindedness. To accept the Correction, Atonement or complete forgiveness, it is necessary to realize that only mind is causative and that there is no world apart from mind. This opens the way for the remembrance of God, the recognition that only Love is Real.

Forgiveness is complete inclusion in mind and thus the seeming release of any scrap of thought that anything could ever be apart from mind. The concept of a parasite is something that feeds off of something else. Right-mindedness sees the wholeness of the tapestry and therefore happily transcends the dualistic concepts of competition and conflict and scarcity and dependency on form, which are the same error: wrong-mindedness. There is no causation in form. Beloved One, if you could but see that all dualistic concepts attempt to veil the Love and Unity of Creation you would be instantly healed. God's Will is for Perfect Happiness, and Awakening is the acceptance that God's Will and our Will as the Christ are One. This is the Unity of Spirit in Which there is no end or limit.

True immunity is immunity of mind: forgiveness, for forgiveness sees the impossibility of attack and defense. In forgiveness there is only inclusion and wholeness, and thus destruction is impossible. As the mind is purged of the unwanted guests (attack thoughts) the result is inevitably an experience of Love and Understanding. By studying and applying ACIM you are focusing your efforts on healing the cause: mind. Our "immunity system" of mind, which is the only immunity system that works, relies on peace of mind. Peace of mind rests on purity of thought. Realize that attack thoughts and grievances are the only "parasites" to release, for they have no place in our Holy Mind. What is perceived as "in the world and apart from mind" is only what is believed. It is well worth the effort to question the false belief in physical causation. "Physical causation" is a contradiction in terms, for only mind is causative.

We are joined in the same Purpose. Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the Peace of God.

I Love You forever,