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Is sex always ego-based or could it also be an act of love?

I have been wondering what your view about having sex is? I have talked it over with friends and we’ve come to the conclusion that, depending on the situation or the person that you are with, it is an act keeping us focused on the body, but also an act of love, if you are with the person you love. So what does "A Course In Miracles" say about it? What is your view?

Sex in a loving relationship dedicated to the Holy Spirit and Guided by the Holy Spirit is (in this sense) an act of affection and can continue to be so until the mind has become so unified in Purpose that there are no cravings or desires for form of any kind. When this desirelessness happens, there is truly the miracle of Atonement and Christ is fulfilled in the Divine Love of Knowing God in Spirit. The miracle of Atonement transcends or dissolves the attraction to guilt in the sleeping mind. Sex solely for the purpose of pleasure and sensual gratification is an ego motivation, attempting to reinforce the "reality" of the body, and this always involves the illusion of guilt. In ACIM Christ speaks about the attraction to guilt (pain & pleasure) and this involves the attraction to the body and world—so as one deepens in Awakening the desires for anything of this world evaporate or fade away—and Joy radiates from within! All seeming needs or lacks are gone in Divine Love.

Let the Spirit within Guide you in all things moment by moment.

Love & Blessings!