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Undoing Linear Time video: David discusses the question: "Did God have a purpose for "sending" us to this world?"

General description of video:
The question/topic is discussed by David in the video below, titled "Undoing Linear Time". To show the concept of linear time David uses a spaghetti string, a noodle. He says that we are like a fish out of water. Or "a spirit out of spirit -- on a noodle"! A spirit who has forgotten spirit and is on a noodle now, that's pretty difficult. So if you have had struggles and difficulties in your life, it's not even surprising, because of the mind's belief in time. In A Course in Miracles Jesus says that the world was made as an attack upon God. Why would God send you to a world that was made as an attack upon God? That would be mean! Some people may say "I didn't ask to be here". The answer to that is that everyone who believes they are in time asked to be here. (The video below is a short clip taken from a longer talk, also titled "Undoing Linear Time" which is also available in this directory and on YouTube.)

Watch the video here: