It is not up to us to decide what strengths and abilities are most helpful in God’s plan for the salvation of the world. Some are called to coach, some to play, some to cheer, some to clean up after the games. Everyone's part is essential, and it is only by trusting that we are right where we need to be and that we are ready just as we are, that we can be used by Spirit. 
Coach Jack Lengyel is one who answered the call of a town devastated by the loss of most of their entire football team in a plane crash. He has no idea how he will rebuild a whole sports program, and yet he feels the inspiration to extend the gifts given to him to a town that he knows is hurting. 
To achieve the seemingly impossible, Coach Lengyel is given many helpers, who in turn are helped by supporting him. Obstacles are removed before he even gets to them. In many situations, Coach Lengyel is not sure what to do or what to say, but he trusts. He assumes the function given him and then steps out of the way. 
Coach Lengyel is a true leader. He inspires through example and a felt connection with those around him. He does not take things personally or give up on his brothers. He trusts them completely and displays infinite patience that those around him will step into their magnitude as he has done.
Spirit can use any backdrop for healing. We see in this movie that the healing occurs through the relationships forged and the willingness "to rise above the ashes and grab glory."

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