This movie is a classic for following Guidance. Our Father Wills to give us everything, but it is only through mind training and maturing in the Spirit that His gifts can be recognized and accepted. Obeying the Spirit leads to accepting the ultimate gift, the Atonement. Jason has lived a shallow and unfulfilling life of material luxury, and as a condition of his Grandfather's will, he is presented with the opportunity to receive a series of gifts, leading to the ultimate gift. These prompts and the opportunity to obey and follow are the Spirit's way of leading the mind to seeing that what was thought of as a sacrifice actually leads to a blessing.
In this world we cannot tell our advances from our retreats. It is only the experience of peace that is our barometer. What the mind previously valued can be let go of and replaced with values of the Spirit, being integrity, friendship and laughter. Intuitive ability is heightened and a sense of service is experienced through the washing away of egoic patterns and desires. A new state of mind is realized and naturally all things of the world become meaningless. The ultimate gift is ordinary and just a recognition of who you are.
The sorting out of the valuable and valueless becomes apparent when we truly open up to the Spirit. Things that are important to the ego (money, status, possessions) are seen as valueless to Spirit, but can be used in helpful ways. When the "giving to get" mechanism is undone, giving and receiving are one and the same. In this state, Spirit gives us even more! Spirit gives us gentle steps leading us back to the state of Heaven, and many times we do not know what such steps are for. Yet along the way these gentle stepping stones lead us to experiences we could never imagine! Mighty companions meet us along the way.

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David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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