“The role of the accuser will appear in many places and in many forms. And each will seem to be accusing you. Yet have no fear it will not be undone." (ACIM, T-31.V.16.5)

This is a story of Rubin “The Hurricane" Carter, a famous boxer accused and imprisoned for a murder he did not commit. In the human condition, the real prison is identification with the personal self, that which serves only to conceal our true Self, the Christ, at one with our Source, joyful and boundless!

Every thought of victimization, deprivation, and attack must be brought into awareness and questioned for true emancipation to occur. We are bound by an "out picturing" of false beliefs that will remain unconscious until we are willing to look at and be wrong about each of them. Mighty companions also begin appearing when there is a deep call for release from all judgment, to remind us of our innocence during times of doubt, and to join us in our strength for this profound undoing.

True healing can be experienced as intense at times, as every attack thought comes to awareness to be released to the light, but the accuser, too, will disappear at last once our eternal reality is fully embraced.

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