Have you had enough of the game yet? You entered it voluntarily, although you are not sure when it began. The game seems to use everything you believe in; it reflects your desires and your fears. It plays on memories from the past. To fight against it or seek revenge will only feed the game and tighten its grip on your mind. The more you hold onto a self-image, the less likely you will be to see the game unmasked for what it truly is. Yet, though the game may seem very real for a time, in the end you will laugh in relief that it was never what it seemed to be. All those people were actors playing their parts; and that which believed them real was but an act as well: game’s over, Holy Child of God! Welcome home! You can relax now.

Movies are an excellent way to watch your mind, to pay attention to your emotions, and to help you discover your unconscious beliefs.
Go here for more info about Movie Watching as A Spiritual Practice. You will find tips, tools and links to movies to go deeper in your journey.

About the author

David Hoffmeister

Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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