This is a great movie for moving past the fear of intimacy. It exposes the false belief in private minds as one moves toward authentic transparency and openness. There is much fear in the mind to true joining and sharing so the steps in that direction are usually gradual as one develops the trust needed to open up with those given to support that process. 
At the start of this movie, the main character Mae feels somewhat flat and closed off. She is dissatisfied with the direction her life is headed. An unexpected opportunity arises for her at an innovative and powerful tech company called The Circle. Her honesty and willingness to be transparent has an immediate impact on Bailey, the company's director.  Mae agrees to wear a camera and be 100 percent transparent in all aspects of her life.
As the idea of full transparency settles in, Mae faces various fears and obstacles in her mind about how her decision will affect her relationships with family and friends. For Mae, and for each of us on this spiritual journey, the fear of hurting others by our decision to practice open communication and no private thoughts must be met and transcended. By taking the steps given by Spirit, we learn experientially that it is impossible that anyone could be hurt or set back by our decision to go for God.
As Mae fully accepts her true identity as the Christ, everything that does not serve or support that light either gets exposed, falls away or merges into the oneness. She has no other choice but to continue in the direction of that light, and thankfully so.
Enjoy the Circle Movie Review.

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Modern-day mystic, author, and a living demonstration of A Course in Miracles.


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