This movie is a mind watcher for beliefs in victimization, injustice, punishment, attack and the idea that the innocent Son of God can somehow be harmed.
Bruno is a 9-year-old boy growing up during World War II in Berlin, Germany. His father is a Nazi officer promoted to be in charge of a concentration camp. Bruno's family moves into a house next to what Bruno believes is a farm surrounded by a high fence, where all the workers wear what Bruno calls striped pajamas. 
In form, it can seem that there are differences between the "Nazi perpetrators" and those who are seen as "victims" in the death camps. All power is in the mind to choose for God.  Anything else is not of God, thus victims and victimizers are the same—mis-creations of the ego thought of separation—both are based on a belief in attack. Every thought that is not of love is of crucifixion. Until these thoughts and beliefs are forgiven and seen as untrue, there is no peace of mind for the Son of God.
This movie is a powerful reminder of the call to love beyond form and transcendence over death (the ego) through innocence and defenselessness. All fences are thoughts in the mind of a belief in separation; and neither a fence in form nor doubt thoughts can prevent a deep joining in purpose.


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